December Event (Season Of Gifting)


It's the season of giving! Right now on Lioden, you can leave gifts or poop for other players. Leaving one gift or one poop will add towards a global total. Once a global total in one bar is reached, a special area is unlocked! Both areas can be unlocked, and everyone can use them once they are unlocked. Work together and give to get these areas!

Event Information

You will be able to dig up gifts and poop left to you by other players from the 25th December until the event ends.

Welcome to the Winter event!

This event is highly focused on exploring and gifting/pooping!
Throughout December, as we progress with unlocking the bars, our lions' environments will become snowier and snowier.
You may encounter some truly bizarre things this month!

The currency for this month is icon_stinkbug.png Stink Bugs!

Stink Bugs can be found in Explore, received from an NPC battle, and dug up from den bundles!

All biomes will have the Explore Encounters!
Biome, karma, and level do not matter for events.
The wet season will last all month - there is no dry season.

This month, we are working to unlock three different areas and a special view of Explore!
Gifting other users will unlock the Guelta, whereas pooping in user dens will unlock the Wallowing Pit.
As the Guelta and Wallowing Pit progress, they will unlock the Mantis Shop!
Then, as the Mantis Shop opens up more, Africa will become snowier and snowier - and then, snuhlions will be unlocked!

There are three tiers for each separate thing.


You may notice a new interaction in user den pages—the option to either gift them currency or items, or poop in their dens!


You can gift or poop once per player, twice a week.
The cooldowns for gifting and pooping will reset on Wednesday and Saturday!

Note that gifting gives you +1 karma, while pooping gives you -1 karma.

Gifting and pooping are able to be done as soon as the event starts.
Make sure you visit a lot of users' dens, because from December 25th to December 31st 11:59PM, you will be able to open your bundles and see all your presents (or poops)!

If you tick the checkbox to make your gift or poop anonymous, the user who opens the bundle will not know who it's from! This is great if you want to shower your friends (or your enemies???) in smelly gift bundles.

Explore Encounters

All encounters this month show up in both Day and Night time.
Some encounters will only appear once it's snowy enough in Africa!

A strange zebra! You can see a faint pattern on it though, maybe it expired and is no longer tasty?

Prowl You duck to the ground, trying to sneak around the zebra, but it kicks you and runs away! Ouch! Low chance for a Scar
Roar! You roar suddenly at the zebra! As it stands up to kick your head, you jump at its belly and rip it apart! -1 Karma, +1 Zebra Carcass
Tilt Head You tilt your head curiously, watching washed out stripes running away from you. After few moments, you notice few beetles piling up on the dung the zebra left. +1 Karma, +10 SB

A very unusual albino gazelle stands out where the white fluff is gone.

Chase You hunt down the gazelle but the agile creature is way faster than you. All you're left with is a chilly wind. +30 EXP
Mlem! You approach peacefully. You try to lick the gazelle, wondering if it tastes like "snuh". It does not. It tastes like a gazelle. Also poop. N/A

A very weird crow lands in front of you.

Pounce! You pounce at the crow, landing with your mighty paw on its chest. Quick kill, nothing to eat, but at least it had pretty feathers. -2 Karma, +1 Albino Feather
Scare Away Gathering as much air in lungs as possible, you let out a mighty roar and scare the bird away. How impressive! +2% IMP
Play! With a playful roll, you duck to the ground and paw at the hopping crow and play with it for a while. When it flies away, it leaves you a small gift. +2 Karma, +1 Albino Feather

An elder albino lion stands his ground in front of you.

Challenge Fight with Albino Lion.. N/A
Bow down! You bow down to the elder lion and he looks at you with respect, before continuing on his journey. +1 Karma, +1% IMP
Snarl! You show your teeth and a low growl rumbles from your throat. The elder lion quickly turns and leaves your territory. -1 Karma, +1% IMP

A large, albino rhinoceros is taking a sip from melting ‘snuh’.

Dip It You decide that the rhino is more interesting and pounce on it’s back. You survive the bull-fight and dig your claws deep enough to win! +150 EXP, -5% Energy
You decide that the rhino is more interesting and dig your claws into its back. The rhino fights back by rolling on the ground! Ouch. -5% Energy, + random scar
Sip It You crouch down and try to sip the "snuh" as well. It tastes like watery mud. You crunch on something only to find frozen beetles inside! +5 SB

What is this horrible creature?!

Growl! Fight with Albino Hyena. N/A
Thrash! You thrash around the hyena, showing off your power, fury and rage. The ugly thing runs away yelping. Yeah… It better not come back! -1 Karma, +1% IMP
Stalk You drop to the ground, stalking the ugly hyena until it leaves your territory. You're getting good at being invisible! +1 Karma, +50 EXP

What is that white thing falling from the sky..? Ash or snow..?

The 'snuhflakes' fall on your mane creating a glittering aura.

The white fluff from the sky is strangely wet and chilly.

Falling "snuh" is clumping in small, white, fluffy mounds. Sometimes you push it around and it makes funny shapes.

You roll in the falling "snuh"!

You stick your tongue out and some "snuh" falls on it - teehee!

This albino gorilla is hiding under a dead, lonely tree. It seems to be hugging a tiny, black kitten. You come closer to admire the warmth of how the ape seems to be caring for the cat, and leave them be.

As you do your daily routine walk down this path, you stumble upon a lion being followed by a mass of cubs. The lion seems to be yelling "Cheap Cubs!". Outrageous! …They seem underpriced.

Oookay…. Moving on.


You notice a few Stink Bugs on a branch and catch the slowest ones before they run away. +2 StB

Looks like this fella wasn't so lucky when dealing with some elephant bullies.

Shove Back In! You rudely push the lion back into the dung, seeing only a flash of his startled - but disappointed - look. There's some fun stuff around the dung pile which you take for yourself. -1 Karma, +1 StB, +1 Muddy Feather, +1 Muddy Rat Carcass
Whack! Fight with Smelly Lion. N/A

Never in your dreams have you expected to meet a bodybuilder lion swallowing tons of egg yolks. Do you even lift? Maybe you should start?

Demand Yolks Fight with Body Builder. +2 StB, Very Very Low Chance for Egg Yolk

Not the kind of Bear Cavalry you were hoping for.

Race! You decide to race the weirdo and the… stallion. Even though you seem to be losing, Apedemak gracefully falls on his face, hitting the ground. He grants you with a reward and leaves with a serious case of sniffles. +1 Karma, +1 StB, +1 Slender Mongoose Carcass
Attack! Fight with Apedemak Cavalry. N/A

Suddenly the earth starts to shake and birds fly away screeching as this scary looking lion crosses your path. Accompanied by a lioness, he looks at you like he's about to eat your flesh.

Run, Lion, Run! Letting out a quiet yelp, you turn around and run like the wind, eventually smashing your muzzle against a large tree. With a bleeding nose, you sit down to realise you just met the most evil lion there ever was. And he gave you a nosejob. N/A
Challenge Fight with Evil Lion & Co. N/A

This floppy looking lion seems permanently worried.

Smack Those Ears! Fight with Folded Ears Lion. N/A
Ask About The Ears You're a lion and tact is something you're unaware of. You inquire about the floppy ears, and the lion seems greatly offended. With an unkind growl, he stuffs your muzzle with a few smelly Stink Bugs and leaves. +1 to 3 StB

What a FABULOUS mantis!

Admire You let out a slightly exaggerated gasp, admiring the show off. The mantis is very pleased with you and gives you a token of appreciation. +1 StB

You notice a bunch of Grivet Monkeys dancing Ook Ook Ookkan Grivet Style.

Join You decide to join in and show off your dance moves. The monkeys jump on top of you, ruffle your hair and the party goes strong until they all pass out from eating fermented fruits. You gather some leftover trash and move on. +1 StB, +1 Fermented Marula Fruit, +1 Dry Palm Leaf
Stare You sit down and stare at them, unsure what's going on. Some monkeys scream at each other, some do weird moves, but eventually they scatter, leaving some trash around. +1 StB, +1 Fermented Marula Fruit, +1 Juicy Lizard

You notice a green cub… wait, what?

Snatch! "Un"-fortunately there's no green lions on Lioden. Not today, pal! +2 StB

You notice a lion dragging a shark carcass… what? You… you want it. You needsss it. Preciousss.

Mine! You huff and you puff and blow the other lion away. +1 Shark Carcass
Mine! You start asking the lion why is his nose so big and his eyes so big, and his fangs so sharp. He eventually gets bored of your questions and leaves. +1 Shark Carcass
Mine! "Okay!" Said the lion and gave you his shark. And everyone lived happily ever after. +1 Shark Carcass

You notice a very disturbing scene. These elephants seem to be burying their calf in a dung pile…

Gasp You let out a gasp, witnessing this elephant mob activity. They turn towards you, startled by the noise you made. RUN! You dash into some dried barbs, since delicate elephant skin won't go near them. A little scratched, you come out a bit later with a souvenir. +2 Karma, +1 to 3 StB
Approach You approach the elephants, suggesting your discovery can be made public unless they give you something to keep quiet. They grumble, but give you currency in exchange to keep their secret hidden. -2 Karma, +1 to 3 StB
Hide You decide to hide, and not let the Elephant mafia notice you. In the shadowy bush, you notice some bugs crawling around. +1 to 3 StB

You wander through these jolly lands,
before your eyes a Felis stands.
With his thick leg held up high,
the Felis roars, "I feel just fine!"

Oh no! This poor Leopon looks broken! He’s missing his markings and they’re not updated yet! On the other hand, how DARE he wander in your lands, when he’s not even able to give you any Leopon cubs?

Punish the artist You roar into the sky, angry at the creators of this universe. How is this fair for the Leopon to wander through the world half-naked? Horrible! Horrible I say! +1 StB
Punish the Leopon Fight with Broken Leopon. N/A

You notice a creature that reminds you of a leopard, but it’s… plumper. And has a different pattern. It looks very nervous.

What are you? The animal looks around nervously. “I am a jaguar and I think I got lost while being shipped to a zoo in Johannesburg. I… I guess I will find a lone lioness for protection or something, this place is really scary.” He murmurs and runs away before you can catch him. Dang! Achievement: "Murican Tourist", Big Cat Bodywear: Jaguar , Big Cat Headwear: Jaguar, Title: "The Aztec Knight"
Attack! Fight with Nervous Jaguar. N/A


You notice a ball of white fluff floating in the air, the fluff making a buzzing noise. How odd. +1 StB or Albino Bee Decor

While walking, you notice a little snake huddled for warmth beneath some shrubs and rocks.

Kill the snake You mercilessly eat the snake. Tastes like noodles! N/A
Help the snake You lay down with the snake, warming it with your body heat. +1 StB or Albino Ball Python Decor

Awww, it’s V’Kai and Vashkartzen building a snuhlion together, you haven’t seen them for a while now! You join in to pee all over and you end up having a snuhball fight. V’Kai is not sure who won.

They won WEAK, BRO! LEARN 2 FITE! Spend this on some aloe to heal your burns! +2 StB
Everyone is a winner Whaaat, are you a lion or a soccer mom? Take this, join a class, and learn to compete, sucker! +2 StB

You find a strange-looking zebra. When asked about the horn on its head, the creature responds, "I am a unicorn, of course!"

Of course. You agree with the zebra and watch it prance away proudly. Why does it have to be rainbow? Black and white would match so much better. Low chance for The Real Unicorn decor
You're Fake News! Fight with Unicorn Zebra +1 StB

You stumble upon Laharu, the friendly and ever-so-hungry striped hyena! You can see he has something in his mouth, and he's trying to run away from you. Does he think you'll steal it? Is he ashamed? Is… is that a cub?! Is that a HYENA cub?! Is that his SON? What if it's not?! Is he running away to EAT it?! LAHARU!!! IT'S NOT FOOD!!! Oh, geez… he's too far away to hear you now.

A scary-looking black wildebeest is dragging a bag of gifts. As you ask what exactly it's doing, the beast is looking at you menacingly. "I am… Krampus! I am stealing.. err, taking away gifts from naughty lions. Yes."

I am a lion, I eat wildebeest! The beast seems a little disheartened. It takes a minute to think, after which it huffs and nudges something from the bag towards you. "Not today, perhaps?" +1 random amusement item, +1 StB

Whoa! A monkey is using a crocodile as a sled to slide down this frozen hill! It looks like fun to both of them!

Join in! You help them climb back up, then sit on the crocodile while the monkey hops on your head. The reptile doesn't seem bothered by your weight, and as you slide down, all three of you scream in joy! Wheee! +2 StB

Exhausted from prancing around in snuh all day, you settle down to take a nap. As you're drifting off, a beautiful black wolf passes you by, smiling mysteriously. "Would you like to live deliciously?" asks the wolf.

Yes, please! The wolf wags his tail gently. "Follow me to my… wolf den," he says. When you try to get up and move, you find yourself waking up from a nap in the snuh. Huh… maybe you shouldn't have eaten all that yellow snuh. N/A

Menhit and Apollyon are on vacation from their homeland. They wanted to come by and play in the snuh! Menhit is chasing the poor freezing fellow and shoving his chin into snuhpiles.

Throw a snuhball! You use your paws to make a snuhball and, with the grace of a true cat, you kick it towards Menhit. The snuh shatters on her butt! Ha! After a moment of initial surprise and outrage, she starts chasing you! +2 StB, +1% IMP

Upon a snowy hill, you spot Wenet the Wise building a snuhfluffball sculpture! You watch her progress intently. The bunny begins to look creepier and creepier over time, until Wenet starts to.. eat it. The whole thing. Wow. That girl is not right in the head.


You find a stray snuhlion, built out in the middle of nowhere! It looks like someone peed all over it, and there are rocks arranged in a strange pattern, but… you're not sure what it means. You're a lion, you can't read. Oh, hey! Stink bugs! +2 StB


What are snuhlions?
Snuhlions are lovely (actually some are creepy) snuh sculptures that can only be made by the lions of LioDen! They will show up on your denpage at the top to scare the crap out of you (that's so you can then poop on everyone else, right?)

Why should I make one?
No reason at all! Snuhlions are just for fun, and they give nothing.

How do I make one?
To make a snuhlion, you just go to someone's den, and at the top should be this. Just click the Ho Ho Ho and you'll make them a snuhlion to be proud of! (or not, as the case may be). You can't make one in your own den, though.

The page doesn’t have that!
That's okay too! It just means that they're on a cooldown from having a snuhlion in their den already. The cooldown is 2 hours long in total. If you can't see their snuhlion, then they probably destroyed it, or it's just finished melting.
It takes 2 hours to build up enough snow whether you destroy it or not. There is also an hour long cooldown for making snuhlions.

I made a snuhlion!
Congrats! Was it this one?

Does karma affect snuhlions, or snuhlions affect karma?
No, karma does not affect them, nor is it affected. Make snuhlions to your heart's content without worrying about your Deathlord status from the pooping!

What are all the snuhlion designs?

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png
11.png 12.png 13.png 14.png 15.png

Mantis Shop

Pst. Hey. Do you have yummy Stink Bugs? I, uh. I need them, man. I need them Stink Bugs. Here, take what you want, but give me Stink Bugs. Mmm. Stink Bugs.

The Mantis Shop is the event shop for December! This shop is opened by gifting and pooping in user dens. Everything in this shop costs icon_stinkbug.png Stink Bugs.

Tier One

Cold Breath Expression: Cheerful [Black] Expression: Cheerful [Brown] Expression: Cheerful [Cream] Expression: Cheerful [Dark Brown]
coldbreath.png cheerfulexpressionblack.png cheerfulexpressionbrown.png cheerfulexpressioncream.png cheerfulexpressiondbrown.png
10 StB 10 StB 10 StB 10 StB 10 StB
Expression: Cheerful [Onyx] Expression: Cheerful [White] Albino Pygmy Owl Big Cat Bodywear: Albino Big Cat Headwear: Albino
cheerfulexpressiononyx.png cheerfulexpressionwhite.png albinopygmyowl.png albinoleopardwearbody.png albinoleopardwearhead.png
10 StB 10 StB 15 StB 15 StB 15 StB
Christmas Butterfly Frosted Whiskers White Dove Fluffy Snowball Jolly Holly
xmasbutterfly.png frostedwhiskers.png whitedove.png fluffysnowball.png hollyplantear.png
15 StB 15 StB 15 StB 16 StB 16 StB
Albino Hedgehog White Fluffy Bunnies White Goat Kid Melanistic Barn Owl Melanistic Serval Cub
albinohedgehog.png whitebunnies.png whitegoatkid.png melanisticbarnowl.png melanisticservalcub.png
20 StB 20 StB 20 StB 25 StB 25 StB
Jon Snuh Pearl and Flower Ornaments [black] Pearl and Flower Ornaments [white] Albino Giraffe Calf Snowy Den
jonsnuh.png pfornablack.png pfornawhite.png deertushalbinogiraffecalf.png snowydenBG.png
30 StB 35 StB 35 StB 40 StB 55 StB
Frozen Smilus Icy Glacier Albino Hyena Pelt
frozensmilus.png zaxicyglacier.png deertushalbinohyenapelt.png
60 StB 60 StB 70 StB

Tier Two

Krampus Tongue Snowy Rocks Krampus Horns Krampus Tail Albino Feline Wings (bottom)
krampustongue.png snowcoveredrocks.png krampushorns.png krampustail.png albinowingsbottom.png
10 StB 15 StB 18 StB 18 StB 20 StB
Albino Feline Wings (top) African Flower Ornaments [Black] African Flower Ornaments [White] Winter Achromia Cub Winter Melanistic Cub
albinowings.png blackflowerornaments.png whiteflowerornaments.png achromiacubx.png melanisticcub.png
20 StB 25 StB 25 StB 25 StB 25 StB
Tyrlion African Flower Ornaments Atlas Cedar Tree White Tigon Cub Melanistic Aardwolf
tyrlion.png deertushflowerpower.png atlascedartree.png whitetigoncub.png melanaardwolf.png
30 StB 35 StB 35 StB 37 StB 40 StB
Georgian Red Fox Pale Rabbit Cloak Albino Wolf Flipped Iceberg Frozen Waterfall
georgianredfox.png palerabbitcloak.png deertushalbinowolf.png tippediceberg.png zaxfrozenwaterfall.png
45 StB 48 StB 50 StB 60 StB 60 StB
Glacier Cave Ice Cave Majestic Snuhlion Snowy Mountain Top
glaciercave.png icecaveBG.png majesticsnuhlion.png snowymountaintop.png
60 StB 60 StB 60 StB 60 StB

Tier Three

Pose: Jolly [F] Arctic Crevasse Dicey Ice Glacial Special Arctic Frost
jollypose.png apparcticmarkings.png diceyice.png glacialspecial.png apparcticmane.png
40 StB 70 StB 70 StB 70 StB 80 StB
Aufeis Layers Glaciation Icy Spice Aufeis Overflow Arctic Circle
aufmarks.png glaciation.png icyspice.png aufmane.png apparcticbase.png
80 StB 80 StB 80 StB 100 StB 120 StB
Glacial Facial Spicy Ice Aufeis Sheet
glacialfacial.png letitgo.png aufbase.png
120 StB 120 StB 150 StB



Welcome to the Guelta.. This area is a special place where you may drink and receive energy. The current energy boost given is (+5, +10, +15) per hour. This will increase if you unlock this area at the next level!

The Guelta is a place where you can increase your energy!
It can be unlocked by gifting other users.

Tier One
+5% energy per hour

Tier Two
+10% energy per hour

Tier Three
+15% energy per hour

Wallowing Pit

Yeeesh! This place stinks. But it seems to be a popular area for elephants and hippos to wade around in.. And with herbivores means there's always the chance of finding something they left behind. So what are you waiting for? Get digging and find some items!
With each unlock, more rare items will be available to be found in the Wallowing Pit.

The Wallowing Pit is a place where you can dig up junk items, or nice decors!
It can be unlocked by pooping in other user dens.

Tier One

Antelope Hoof Bottle Broken Tusk Elephant Skull Impala Horn
antelopehoof.png bottle.png elephanttusk.png elephantskull.png impalahorn.png
Muddy Bone Muddy Feather Muddy Live Rat Muddy Rat Carcass Muddy Skull
muddybone.png muddyfeather.png muddyliverat.png muddycarcass.png muddyskull.png
Muddy Tree Old Sandal Rock Rotting Log Stick
muddytreetrunk.png oldsandal.png rock.png rottinglog.png stick.png
Tail Hair Wallowing Pit
tailhair.png WallowingPitBG.png

Tier Two

Dirty Fur Dirty Pig [Windsnyer] Large Bone Messy Mane 1 Messy Mane 2
dirtyfur.png windsnyer.png mouthbone.png messymane1.png messymane2.png
Muddy Muddy Rocks Muddy Roots Okavango Swamp Warthog
muddy.png muddyrocks.png muddyroots.png OkavangoSwampBG.png warthog.png

Tier Three

Boglands Clay Rocks Dirty Crocodile Fen Wetland Hot Mud Springs
BoglandsBG.png ClayRockthu.png dirtycrocodile.png fenlandBG.png mudhotsprings.png
Muddy Sable Antelope Carcass Murky Basin Rhino Carcass Rhino Skull Rotting Rhino
muddysablecarcass.png MurkyBasinBG.png RhinoCarcass.png RhinoSkull.png rottingrhino.png
Warthog Piglets

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is a once a year thing, beginning on the 22nd of December, and ending on the 30th. A new decor is added each day until the 29th, and it's left open until the 30th to allow everyone to collect their decors. There are currently four sets, and they are available only in the years listed. Each decor is only available on that day or after, as long as every door has been opened previously.

2013 and 2015

Albino Raven Albino Gazelle Mist Achromia Cub
albinoraven.png albinogazelle.png mist.png achromiacub.png
Snow Snow Flurries Heavy Clouds Snowy Morning
snow.png snowflurries.png heavycloudsBG.png snowymorningBG.png

2014 and 2016

Merry AWD Albino Snake Décor Albino Crocodile Décor [S] Snowball Plant Décor
lycaon.png albinosnake.png albinocrocodile.png snowballbush.png
Albino Dik-Dik Décor Greater Striped Swallow Décor [S] Haworthia Décor Snowy Lesotho
albinodikdik.png greaterstripedswallow.png haworthia.png SnowyLesothoBG.png

2017 and 2019

Albino Serval Rudolph the Lost Reindeer Albino Porcupine Albino Wolf Puppy
albinoserval.png rudolph.png albinoporcupine.png albinowolfy.png
Cape Snow Bush Chilly Wind Canary Island Pine Snowy Forest
capesnowbush.png chillywind.png canarytreex.png snowyforest.png

2018 and 2020

Melanistic Caracal Merry Gray Wolf Zephyr Frozen Branches
melancaracal.png merrygraywolf.png zephyr.png frozenbranches.png
Frozen Tree Poinsettia Flower Albino Hyena Frozen River
frozentree.png pointsettia.png albinohyena.png frozenriver.png


Bases and Manes

Arctic Base and Arctic Mane
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Arctic Circle (base) and Arctic Frost (mane)
apparcticbase.png apparcticmane.png


Aufeis Base and Aufeis Mane
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Aufeis Sheet (base) and Aufeis Overflow (mane)
aufbase.png aufmane.png


Glacial Base and Glacial Mane
Base Genetics: Black Light Countershaded Special
Applied with Glacial Facial (base) and Glaciation (mane)
glacialfacial.png glaciation.png


Ice Base and Ice Mane
Base Genetics: Black Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Spicy Ice (base) and Icy Spice (mane)
letitgo.png icyspice.png



Arctic Crevasse

Arctic Carving Arctic Feline Unders Arctic Rogue
BF7g5gw.png HMwpDmx.png yRaa32A.png
Arctic Smoke

Aufeis Layers

Aufeis Coat Aufeis Inverted Zebra Aufeis Maofelis
AxLjYC9.png xQLW37S.png C6Khq81.png
Aufeis Rogue

Glacial Special

Glacial Frosting Glacial Glaze Glacial Lace
6F7Czxr.png x94dq4w.png g9PnKI2.png
Glacial Points

Dicey Ice

Ice Cover Ice Crackle Ice Glaze
QpQSvBs.png MHiUkHe.png 1BHOVcD.png
Ice Undershine
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